About J.D. Porter, LLC:

J.D. Porter, LLC is a sole practitioner law firm located in Denver, Colorado that is aimed at providing efficient and effective low cost legal services for people that may not be able to afford high-priced attorneys, or for smaller value cases that may not justify spending thousands of dollars in legal fees. The firm was founded by, and is run by Jordan Porter, a graduate of The George Washington University Law School. The school is located in Washington, D.C. and consistently ranked in the top 10% of U.S. accredited law schools.

J.D. Porter, LLC is able to offer its clients discounted legal rates due to its efficient business structure and intelligent use of legal resources. The firm operates with minimal to no overhead and utilizes local legal research services. Because of this, the firm is able to avoid substantial business expenditures that traditional firms incur. These savings are passed along to the client. Instead of charging clients at the industry rate for attorney services, typically above $250 per hour, J.D. Porter, LLC is able to offer its clients rates at a fraction of that, under $85 per hour, a rate less than what most firms bill their paralegal work out at.

J.D. Porter, LLC was founded in 2014 and handles a variety of legal cases, including appeal cases, criminal cases, civil cases, personal injury cases, small claims cases, and unemployment appeal hearings. J.D. Porter, LLC is willing to give free initial consultations for any kind of case. The scope of representation and agreement of representation will be determined after the initial consultation.

Please contact the firm if interested.